I'll be posting more on culture related topics, I'm at a point in my life where technology is beginning to look hollow. I started by realizing that an application is more important than the computer it's run on and now that the music is much more important that the application that plays it. I get all the humor I need just reading album reviews. Here's an interesting tidbit...
MF Doom ushers in the diabolical ceremony with uncanny postulates such as "it's too hot to handle, you got beef sandals." Clandestine, sinister, otherworldly, "known to smoke a whole mountain of hash to the ash," Madvillainy is a gutbucket jazz quintet's comic-book nightmare come to life.

Here's a tip for finding good music. Find an album you really like. Search for the song on Kazza and then look through the user's music collection for ideas. You have to right click the song then "find more from same user" That's how I got into DJ Shadow.

You are currently using 27 MB (3%) of your 1000 MB
Most people thought that this was an April fools joke by Google. It's not. I received an invite to be a beta tester today and signed up. Yahoo offers 6 Megabytes free. Google offers 1000. That's pretty amazing. There are a lot of interesting theories going around about a massive supercomputer responsible for the 166 fold increase in storage capacity. I've always felt that datamining is going to be huge when the technology is there to handle it. I guess my theory is that if an application is limited by modern hardware then it's probably doing something important. You can send files up to 10MB to yourself on Gmail so it could be used for MP3 storage. They also have a nice little system where you can hilite important messages which are copied to a "starred" folder. I can't find any settings to enable pop access which would be really nice.


Got my new work computer, it's got a big beautiful 20 inch LCD monitor and a Gig of RAM. It's hard to go home and stare at a 17'' CRT after looking at this beast. I got a copy of Foreign Affairs magazine from a rich buddy. I've been reading it and realized that technology is great but it's really not my true calling. I've always been interested in what technology can do for quality of life for the people of the planet more that the bickering going on between Linux and Windows. I had a thought last night about the how great it would be to work for a Foreign Embassy or somewhere that requires a knowledge of the world. Somewhere where learning is a part of the job description. I was checking out Foreign Affairs.org and saw a huge article that was accessible for free. It brought a big smile to my face. A lot of what I read are comments from random people about technology. I need to start reading more books and articles by people who are well respected authors that cut out the crap and get to the point. I need to overcome my penchant for short term memory loss.

ADHD and Success
According to my SAT and standardized test scores, I should have gone to a good school and got a high paying job. My job doesn't suck but I got very lucky. I have a lot of freedom and nice toys to play with like this monitor and a bunch of servers. But... I think I could either be doing my job a lot better or I could find a higher paying job if I felt I could hack it. So what's my problem? I'm 99.9938% sure that I have ADHD. I have all of the symptoms. The biggest problem right now is a lack of organization and ability to finish what I start. The ability to focus is a distant dream for me. I went on a couple of websites and I think I've got a new system for keeping all of my stuff organized. If it works I'll be much less stressed, more confident, et al.

"Drugmaker Eli Lilly and Co. on Wednesday said that late-stage tests of its experimental treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) showed it to be look there's a squirrel I don't like that song.


You can now comment about my ramblings. Click the comments button below the posts and fire away. Of course this is assuming someone actually reads this. That monkey in the prior post was created by an artist and is supposed to represent the dangers of gentic engineering. Looks like he's smoking something if you look close.


Laughter - A movement (usually involuntary) of the muscles of the face, particularly of the lips, with a peculiar expression of the eyes, indicating merriment, satisfaction, or derision, and usually attended by a sonorous and interrupted expulsion of air from the lungs.

Got version 0.1 of my code working. I realized I can use it to make my job easier but I'm now stuck wondering how to make it useful. I think my first test is going to be defining humor. If humor or wit can be defined then the only thing preventing software from making us laugh is its lack of cultural knowledge. That's where my tool comes in. If I had the time, I'd give it a knowledge of phonics. In the mean time I'm going to attach it to a thesaurus so it can begin to define ideas based on contrast.

Business case studies work by extracting high level logic from a set of circumstances which hopefully stick with the reader and can later be applied to other problems with similar factors. It would be nice if my web bot could crawl through case studies, leeching out business logic and applying it to entreprenurial problems. I guess I want to build an E-Consultant. The hard part is making something aware of the structure of a page. We use the neural nets that are our brains to pick out the relevant pieces of a web page, my tool isn't that smart yet.

Humor - The ability to perceive, enjoy, or express what is amusing, comical, incongruous, or absurd.


Woohoo, I'm getting the Padres games in High Definition this year. Ahhhh, I don't have time to watch the game and research everything I want! I'm using KDevelop to write my Brainstorm application using Python. I just need to figure out how to use the Google API now.

I'm using kde right now as my Linux desktop environment but I'm going to grab a copy of Gnome 2.6. I believe that you can't really understand Windows without also understanding other operating systems. Same idea applies to desktop environments, I need KDE and Gnome to get a good feel for User Interface design.

Check that, I just found a page on using Mono (Open source .Net implementation) with the Google API. I wonder if Kdevelop supports C#. Reminder to myself to keep working on the article...