Got my new work computer, it's got a big beautiful 20 inch LCD monitor and a Gig of RAM. It's hard to go home and stare at a 17'' CRT after looking at this beast. I got a copy of Foreign Affairs magazine from a rich buddy. I've been reading it and realized that technology is great but it's really not my true calling. I've always been interested in what technology can do for quality of life for the people of the planet more that the bickering going on between Linux and Windows. I had a thought last night about the how great it would be to work for a Foreign Embassy or somewhere that requires a knowledge of the world. Somewhere where learning is a part of the job description. I was checking out Foreign Affairs.org and saw a huge article that was accessible for free. It brought a big smile to my face. A lot of what I read are comments from random people about technology. I need to start reading more books and articles by people who are well respected authors that cut out the crap and get to the point. I need to overcome my penchant for short term memory loss.

ADHD and Success
According to my SAT and standardized test scores, I should have gone to a good school and got a high paying job. My job doesn't suck but I got very lucky. I have a lot of freedom and nice toys to play with like this monitor and a bunch of servers. But... I think I could either be doing my job a lot better or I could find a higher paying job if I felt I could hack it. So what's my problem? I'm 99.9938% sure that I have ADHD. I have all of the symptoms. The biggest problem right now is a lack of organization and ability to finish what I start. The ability to focus is a distant dream for me. I went on a couple of websites and I think I've got a new system for keeping all of my stuff organized. If it works I'll be much less stressed, more confident, et al.

"Drugmaker Eli Lilly and Co. on Wednesday said that late-stage tests of its experimental treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) showed it to be look there's a squirrel I don't like that song.


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