OK this new project I'm working is consuming a lot of my time. I'm going to post some ideas I've been working on in regards to Open Source software and property rights in general.

Intellectual property rights. Help to create innovation because they reduce risk for investors. Unfortunately they also prevent innovation because the wheel has to be re-invented to be used in new projects. In fact the best solution to a problem is often times off limits for use in other projects without paying a fee. Does free software kill jobs? Nope, history has shown that new more economically beneficial jobs are created when new technology replaces old jobs. That’s why Alan Greenspan fears “creeping protectionism” The people who were doing back braking labor during the industrial revolution were replaced by machines, learned new skills and fired their chiropractors. Game developers can forget about rigid body Euler math and focus on the job at hand. Middleware is a solution that Open Source will begin to close in on. Progress as an industry instead of individual companies competing against eachother. IBM partnerships. Capitalism is the best market structure out there but it isn’t perfect, see monopolies. Competition and

Horizontal structure - cooperation

Printing press made calligraphers obsolete.


Corporations have short term obligations to shareholders. Politicians have short term obligations to the electorate. Solutions to many of the problems hampering innovation (among other things) are long term and that’s the crux of the problem. Open Source is a long term solution.

Charge money for air would create jobs.

Venture capital will be lower.

Fewer coders, more designers and artists. HTML gurus before WYSIWYG. Templates Dreamweaver.

Open Source Middleware is the next generation.

Can Open Source software make money? RedHat is profitable, why can’t Open Source games be profitable too? Patches, Micropayments, Online races. Server Rental Space.

Wheel manufacturers will love Motorsport. Not only could it become the “Killer App” from a peripheral manufac.. point of view but it will also be free of charge.

Software Design is in it’s infancy – reference to Model T

Constitution property rights research.

Disney stock , Mickey Mouse, Pixar.

Gamers love innovation. We shell out $300 plus for video cards for our gaming machines.

Basketball games using real physics.

Lack of commercial success at producing what we want. Property rights have failed in this respect.

MS Flight Simulator idea but with Cars.

I’m a very skeptical person by nature but for the first time in many years I have hope that things are going to change for the better.