I'll be posting more on culture related topics, I'm at a point in my life where technology is beginning to look hollow. I started by realizing that an application is more important than the computer it's run on and now that the music is much more important that the application that plays it. I get all the humor I need just reading album reviews. Here's an interesting tidbit...
MF Doom ushers in the diabolical ceremony with uncanny postulates such as "it's too hot to handle, you got beef sandals." Clandestine, sinister, otherworldly, "known to smoke a whole mountain of hash to the ash," Madvillainy is a gutbucket jazz quintet's comic-book nightmare come to life.

Here's a tip for finding good music. Find an album you really like. Search for the song on Kazza and then look through the user's music collection for ideas. You have to right click the song then "find more from same user" That's how I got into DJ Shadow.


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