Well I was mid way through this post and I saw an article on CNN about how scientists have discovered a weird signal coming from what could be little green men on another planet. It's probably a mistake but if not, it would be the biggest news story in recorded history. Yes, even bigger than the Republican National Convention.

It's interesting being in the thick of a trasformation of an industry. Open Source is taking the software industry by storm. The game industry is huge. Software of the kind we're creating is a threat to the billions in revenue created by the current proprietary production methods.

Governor Scharawerzdzeeggger. Governor Arnold is pushing for the adoption of Open Source software as a way to decrease IT costs for the state of California. Great article on him on Wired.

Prediction for Florida. Insurance companies are going to begin to wonder if the recent rash of Hurricanes is the result of global warming. Premiums for coverage in Florida explode. People can't afford coverage and move. Homes get cheaper, I buy some land and build one made of some of that new Carbon Nano material which would be impervious.


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So the aliens are coming? These kind of articles bother me. If you were to go a search of all the articles that were similar to this over the past ten year you would not believe how many there are. I'm sick of it. Same with the science stuff. If you watch the local news they are always reporting on some unfounded report that some scientist somewhere has made some progress in finding a cure for (insert bad disease/syndrome/illness here). Its all bullshit and old people sit around watching the local news and get excited. Too bad they forget that just three weeks ago they got excited about the same story but with a different bad disease/syndrome/illness inserted. Four days after the news report or article you forget about it and guess what.......you don't hear anything else about it ever again because it was bullshit. The problem with the media is if someone says they are a "scientist" of any kind they feel that is instant crediablity and its bullshit. You can find a scientist somewhere that will always say something is possible.

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