Some facts. The average age in 1st world countries is increasing. The cost of healthcare is increasing. Immigration helps America because it lowers our average age compared to European countries and Japan. Lower average age is good because older people are extremely expensive especially if they aren't working. Old people vote for better health care instead of better schools which is damaging to the country in the long run. Terrorism is bad for imigration. Immigration is essential if we're to remain competitive in a global economy. 9/11 was tragic and cost the lives of 3,000 Americans. The total number of people killed in highway crashes in 2001 was 42,116. Terrorists will never be completely eradicated. Big fences will never stop the McVeighs of the world. Should we spend trillions trying to prevent the inevitable? Should the president simply explain to people that the war on terror can not have an exit strategy? Yes, but if he does he wouldn't get re-elected. That's another glaring problem with Democracy. Ignorance is bliss. People like to be lied to. Would any marriage last more than four years if people were really totally honest with eachother? Dishonesty is a requirement for democratic leadership because of our lack of acceptance of human nature.

Democracy is the best system we've found so far and it still sucks. Here's my proposal. It's based on Abe Lincoln's astute observation that "The nation needs a foundation more durable than the sand of opinion that can be easily shifted in each election" It's called Chimpocracy. Chimpocracy would be founded on the awareness that we're basically slightly less furry monkeys with the ability to occasionaly reason. We are on average short term thinking creatures. Instead of taking the best ideas we take a mushy average of what might make sense if we were rational compassionate beings. We're not. Not even close. So our nature isn't compatible with Democracy. What are we compatible with then?


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