There are two circumstances I find myself thinking about that leech stress from my troubled mind. The first involves me on a boat.

It's morning and I'm somewhere about a mile off shore in an old sail boat. I don't have on quite enough clothes to keep me warm but my PH Balanced beard and overheating laptop keep me at a perfect temperature. I've created a harness and pulley system for my requisite golden lab. He scampers down the hull of the boat, perfectly counterbalanced, cleaning off the barnicles thanks to the peanut butter I applied at the dock. It's a beautiful symbiotic relationship much like the bird that cleans the alligator's teeth. And so I sit, inspired by the sounds of the seagulls and hungry dog, writing about software and caffeine, not knowing how to steer the boat but content in the knowledge that our coast guard will again prove their heroism.

OK I guess the other situation also involves a boat. I'm cruising through the Caribbean sea. Not a soul in sight. I don't have a laptop this time but I'm stark naked and I have a boatload of beer. And limes. No dog or peanut butter this time, although...

And so it appears that I enjoy solitude. I enjoy the company of people but spending your entire life with one person sounds a little utopian. My use of utopian refers to Tomas More's book Utopia which "depicted a society organized along communist lines."
Well intentioned but with only an ideallic understanding of human nature. Now that divorce rates have surpassed the 50% barrier and considering the fall of the Berlin Wall I don't think it's a huge leap to compare communism and marriage.

I can see myself as an old man with two or three dogs, maybe one fat anti-social cat, some good friends and maybe a boat.