Just saw a movie. Fairly standard issue sappy thing called Love Actually but I actually kind of liked it. It made me realize a few things. These aren't real revelations for most but it just hit me. I'm getting older and life is way way too short to walk in circles. I like the technology, philosophy, and various other words ending in y but they're just scenery. Here's an analogy. I had some nice luggage but it got lost at the airport and I've been waiting for it for a long time. Nothing I can't live without but some illogical chunk of my brain won't let it go. That's why I liked the movie. The airport scenes, because I came to a conclusion about something other than software and business logic for once. It's time to quit bugging the baggage handler, time for some new luggage, maybe something with wheels and a combo lock.

I did come to a conclusion about another thing I'm working on. If we make this game work, and it's a big if because it's so damn ambitious, we may be able to popularize open source software with a heck of a lot of people. More so than Linux because only us computer nerds are using it right now. It's something I think about that helps me sleep. I'm pretty confident we'll succeed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bro, I saw love actually. I liked it. Though provoking. Too bad you haven't really made any kind of a point when you talk about it here. Maybe I just don't get what you are saying but it seems to just be words that don't lead anywhere.

12:40 PM  
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