Here is an interesting quote from the creator of Gollum, the handsome little guy from Lord of the Rings when asked about whether or not we will ever see computers create real-life human actors.

I hope not. I don't see why we should. I can create a Humphrey Bogart that will look like Bogart, act like Bogart, sound like Bogart. But what made Bogart so special is what he had inside. You can't create a soul from a computer. And I don't think we should try. If you want to have Tom Hanks in a film, you ought to go out and hire Tom Hanks.

He says we can't create a soul from a computer but then immediately says he doesn't think we should try. I think I know what went on inside his head after that sentence. Oppenheimer was good at what he did. What he did was create the first atom bomb. Upon witnessing the detonation of his combustive concoction he uttered the famous quote "I am become death, the destroyer of worlds." Gollum's dad may have been thinking "I am become virtual life, destroyer of the screen actors guild." He realized that it would be possible to fool people into believing that a computer generated actor could have a soul. Why else shouldn't we try if it's not possible? Here is an interesting scenario... Some film studio is going to create a virtual actor and sneak it into a film. It won't be a lead character, maybe someone with a couple of lines. But nobody will notice. It'll cut down on production costs and suddenly producers begin to question the sanity of a $20 Million salary for Adam Sandler.

You can't deny human nature. If I met a brilliant supermodel who was kind and devoid of emotional baggage I'd marry her without hesitation. Maybe we'd grow old together with a couple of adopted kids and I'd die happy. Why adopted kids? Because the perfect girl doesn't exist unless she was a robot and simply lied to me about why she was unable to concieve and had a deathly fear of microwave ovens. Now would the fact that she didn't have a soul matter? Even if I later found out that she wasn't human it wouldn't bother me personally because I don't believe that a soul exists in the religious sense of the word. It's another creation, like god we use to try to make sense of the chaotic world we inhabit. So maybe in a few centuries when this happens we will still be slaves to evolution but we'll have an answer for it. We will have beat the system. Of course real humans will be on average hideous in comparison, the thought of actually having a relationship with another human would be laughable.