"Never before in history have we been able to see incumbent businesses protect business models based on old technology against creative destruction by new technologies. And they're doing it by manipulating the political process. The telegraph didn't prevent the telephone, the railroad didn't prevent the automobile. But now, because of the immense amounts of money that they're spending on lobbying and the need for immense amounts of money for media, the political process is being manipulated by incumbents."

A quote from a Howard Rheingold interview. Read the whole thing here.

I was driving to work today and heard the new Green Day Anti-Bush song. It wasn't on a Clear Channel station. I flipped to Clear Channel owned 91X, and they were playing Green Day too, just not the Bush song. Coincidence? Perhaps but it's most likely a massive conspiracy ;)

Someone actually posted a comment on my blog. I think it's the result of that new button at the top that takes you to a random blog. It's surprising that they didn't have that earlier. The text reads 1 comments. I wrote some software once that counted the number of items and would remove the s from the end of comments if only one item existed so it would be gramatically correct. The code looks something like this: != means does not equal.
if (intComments != 1)
{ strComment += "s";}

Here's a lesson maybe you readers can take from me so it never happens to you. I went to the gym last night, did a bunch of cardio stuff, probably dehydrated myself. So I get home and the Padres are winning and the beer begins to flow, exacerbating the dehydration. I'm not sure beer is a good word to describe what I was drinking. Stone Imperial Russian Stout. It's over 20 proof. Gnarly hangover this morning but my mud-like coffee quickly cured me.

Next time: Redefining Capitalism on Wikipedia.


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