More news on the driving simulator. Some engineering gurus from Force Dynamics want to work with us to make their motion simulator work with our driving simulator. It's pretty interesting stuff, the prototype looks like a giant spider and the legs expand and contract based on the current state of affairs in the simulator. I'm willing to drive to test out that beast. I'll post some photos if it ever happens.

Here is some nerdy discussion with the Force Dynamics guy from our chat room ..
Kirk] I'm going to test upstream, this could be good
PeriSoft] heson-- at the moment, packets to a special port
STenyaK] is it possible to send packets to 'any port'?
PeriSoft] not sure about port, but you can broadcast to any machine
PeriSoft] problem is that loads up all the machines on the network with packets they have to toss out.. now, not a big deal, but i'd prefer to have specific

There is a new article in BusinessWeek claiming that flying cars will be a reality fairly soon. We've been able to communicate via the Internet over large distances for years and now, hopefully these new forms of transportation will allow like minded people to interact. I only wonder how many miles per gallon they would get.

The reason I thought of this is because I did the E-harmony thing just to see what would happen. It found a few matches which in retrospect makes sense. I'm a fairly strange animal so I wouldn't expect my profile to match up with hundreds of women. The women it did find were mostly in other states. Now if people could jump in their sky car and go meet these ultra-compatible people, we'd probably see a lot less dysfunction in the world.

I had a dream last night. I was in the future and I was looking back on the way things are today and how little we really know about the world or ourselves for that matter. I've always heard that famous quote "The more you know, the more you realize the less you know" and wondered if that was really true. Maybe it's arrogance. I have a set of beliefs that I'm fairly sure are representative of reality. Although I'm not sure you can really call an agnostic a true believer in anything.


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