Unforutunately intelligence and insanity aren't mutually exclusive. Osama bin Laden has a degree in Economics. Supposedly part of the reason he hit the World Trade Center is because of the Trade that would be disrupted. Here's a lovely quote from Stephen Flynn's essay The Neglected Home Front "The Bush administration is spending more every three days on the Iraq war than it has in three years on the security of all U.S. commercial seaports" The articles quotes the Bush admin as saying that critical infrastructure will be protected because it's in the interest of Business to prevent it from happening which is as stupid as saying that the creation of the Interstate Highway system would have been done by a few corporations because they would have seen the need for it. Some things are best left to the government. National Security comes to mind.

We're rebuilding Iraq and we can't even protect ourselves. Of course Bush is up in the polls right now because he's claiming he'll protect us all. Osama is smart enough to exploit our weaknesses, the author of the article points our our infrastructure weaknesses and how Osama could create panic by attacking our food supply. Not panic in the sense that people will run around screaming and burning fridges, but longer term panic in that the average joe will vote for a guy that starts hacking up the constitution so we've got a better chance at finding a handful of terrorists among the billions of inhabitants of earth. Again, I'm not a Democrat and I don't think Bush is evil, just incredibly incompetent.

Osama wants to create fear in Americans to disrupt our economy. Bush wants to create fear in Americans to get re-elected. So isn't Bush then helping Osama by fueling the paranoia? I'm pretty convinced we're going to get nuked in the next ten years because I've read a dozen or so non-partisan critiques of Bush's flawed agenda. I haven't heard any real numbers but today on CNN some guy said "It is more likely than not." CNN is going to have a big report on this on September 12 by the way if anybody is interested.

Next Time: Human Capital, applying capitalism to democracy.


Blogger GovernmentBAAAAAADGovernmentGOOOOOOD said...

Well my son, there is your problem, you watch CNN. And what is a "non-partisan report"? Does that exist? Just so you know this is a "non-partisan" blog comment.

So you believe that it is possible to simply secure every vulnerable part of the US? You think its feasable to stop every attack and Bush has either said "I don't feel like protecting our ports...I'd rather masterbate" or he doesn't realize its a problem and he truly is incompetent as you say? I think he is focusing on what we need most. I don't think its possible to lock down everything.....nuclear plants, all the ports which by the way is totally impossible, popular tourist destinations, federal, state, and local government buildings, financial institutions, trains, boats, planes, military facilities, etc.....there are so many places and unless we want a military state its impossible to prevent every possible kind of attack.

This is why i'm glad Bush is taking it TO the terrorists.......he is bring ing the fight to Iraq where the focus now is and where MOST of the terrorist are working to attack us and spoil our plan for Dem in the Mid East. I like this smokescreen plan.

I also like the fact that he is going after them all over the world. I'd rather go out and hunt them rather than set up a boobie trap here at home and wait for us to catch them.

Too bad I haven't heard one suggestion from Kerry/Edwards about how they are going to improve our homeland security. How is Kerry going to do a better job protecting our ports, our nuclear facilites..etc.......how i've heard him say its a problme and Bush sucks at it but I sure haven't heard these brilliant ideas he MUST have to fix the situation.

3:14 PM  
Blogger Anonymous Person said...

I watch CNN therefore I'm a liberal? I usually watch Fox News, does that mean I'm confused? Do you really believe that nobody is capable of writing something regarding homeland security without being biased by partisanship? I'm a sceptical guy but that seems a little excessive.

Yes it's impossible to secure all possible points of entry for terrorists. Is it possible to make an attack less likely? Not if you believe Bush is doing a perfect job.

You're right, Kerry isn't a very good candidate. Neither is Bush.

3:54 PM  
Blogger GovernmentBAAAAAADGovernmentGOOOOOOD said...

No I think its very very difficult for people to be non-partisan.....particularly with the current media that we have.......How do you know when something is non-partisan?

No I think Bush is doing a good job....not great but good.....

4:06 PM  
Blogger Anonymous Person said...

You can know if something is partisan only if you know the facts. The only way you can know the facts is if you read a lot of different perspectives about a topic. Read your ass off, it's the only way.

9:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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