Just saw the new Cruise cab movie. Not too bad though it was kind of long. 4 CrackHouses out of 5.

I'm joining the gym. Not because I think its cool to have no neck but because I want to have more energy. Supposedly exercise is good for the brain too. I hate the fact that mindless, monotonous activity is required for the human body to work correctly. Robots aren't going to go to the gym.

Speaking of robots... We bought our tickets online for the movie and the were spat out at the machine in the theater lobby. There was a huge line next to us, there is no going back.

I read some interesting information about emergence and how it creates complex behavior in farily simple systems. I was trying to figure out the code necessary to create self awareness in AI in an earlier post and the emergence idea makes the code unnecessary.

Duality - " The representation of the higher (spiritual) and lower (mental) aspects of consciousness held by an individual. " Emergence is similarly two layered. I'll expand on this in the next post...


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