I was chatting with my co-workers on my side project and noticed that we all type our email addresses in a certain weird way to prevent the spam 'bots that scan chat rooms for easy prey. kirk@oogabooga.net is translated to kirk AATT oogabooga DOT net. We're already trying to outsmart supposedly dumb software.

I'm headed to New York in October to chase around ladies with attitude and fancy shoes. It should be interesting to learn about all of the weird beach living tendencies I have that I assume are universal. I really want to go to Europe though, all of my code buddies from the Motorsport project are over there and I'd probably have a lot of fun if I made it over.

I've had a business idea for a long time. I've been working on it, tweaking it, etc. And I think now is the time to grab it by the balls and run with it. My motivation is the articles that point out the growing wealth divide. My scary vision of 1 man and 50 robots / applications running a business isn't so scary if I'm the guy behind the robot polished desk. My new office has a window. I can see the sky now and I find myself in a more relaxed mood. I changed my wallpaper to the blue water, 3 treed island that comes with Windows XP.


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