Signed up for the gym finally. They tried to use every weird tactic to extract as much money as possible from me. I figured out the loopholes in the system though. You can upgrade your membership to include other gyms but you can't downgrade it. My degree in finance has emboldened me to mess with sales people. I guess it's sorta mean. You can't transfer your account to another gym either, you have to either upgrade to the multi-gym package or cancel and restart your membership there. On the plus side, I slept better than I have in years last night. I even woke up earlier than my alarm clock for once.

I'm thinking of buying a motorbike. Specifically this one. I have a little two seat car that I drive the hell out of so going to a bike wouldn't be a huge change. I guess it would suck on rainy days but we have maybe two of those a year here in San Diego. Could be dangerous though. The one time I got my hands on a bike it didn't turn out well. Many moons ago there was a yellow moped, its owner had long since given up on the sad looking little guy. A little TLC and a few hours later and we had a living hog. Being invincible I didn't need a helmet; shoes or shirt either for that matter. So I'm racing around the block faster and faster, eyes tearing up from the wind, when I just pushed too hard and crashed. I was laying face down in the middle of the sreet, bike in pieces and I had so much adrenaline in me that I didn't feel much pain. Hopefully I learned my lesson.

It's Friday and I'm forcing myself to stay home tonight. I find myself going out to the local bars about every other night. That's a bad habit unless you're rich. And if you are rich it's a really bad habit.


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