I've been watching a bunch of movies and a common theme is starting to emerge. In the crappy movies the guy gets the girl at the end of the movie. In "good" movies, the guy comes very close to getting the girl but then they decide that it's better if they just go their separate ways. Casablanca, Mississippi Burning, Chinatown, etc. Why though? Because the bastards smart enough to get paid to write movie reviews are also among the most cynical. Suspension of disbelief = bliss = ignorance. The truth hurts but lies hurt worse?

Well I was thinking of writing a book that goes something like this.
A biologist, studying the habits of small, furry, monogamous woodland mammals understands the cold, inevitable truth that love is a byproduct of evolution meant to increase the fitness and therefore survival of the couple's offspring. Unfortunately he's unable to relate this truth to his own life. The prairie vole is a slave to nature, its only destiny is reproduction and death. The most heart wrenching thing I've seen lately is two of my drinking buddies that decided to go to the sperm bank to make a few extra dollars. When they returned they had a dejected look, the look of a quarter billion years of rejection, the look of two men with low sperm counts.

This would be an interesting area of research for a book.

What if men began to thwart the loneliness of modern city living with genetic philanthropy? This new group has an understanding that to fight human nature is to fight a losing battle. They understand that the rigors of modern life don’t have to mean a sacrifice of the one thing that we as men were designed to do. Spread our genes in a futile attempt to shape the future of this wacky planet. A shallow pursuit perhaps but also the chance at subconscious contentedness. Ahh and now it has a name… “The Invisible Harem” The main character will have his heart predictably broken before realizing the parallels with the creature he has devoted his life to. He adopts the voles and they live in his home, a perrenial reminder of his failure as a mammal, then story really begins. That could be a subtitle. Invisible Harem - Failure as a Mammal. Here is an interesting definition of Harem I found... A group of female animals (cows) herded and controlled by a male animal (bull)of that species for breeding purposes. Such behaviour is exhibited by bovids including cattle and buffalo as well as moose, elephants, seals, sealions, sea elephants. I'm going to sleep on this and try to write a little bit more of the story before I go to bed every night.

EDIT: Wouldn't ya know it? There's already a book by that name. OK so it's now know as Failure as a Mammal.


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