I signed up for Netflix and I've rented a bunch of documentaries. I've watched one on Bloody Sunday, the Irish Civil Rights massacre, Commanding Heights, the story of Global Economics and Life and Debt, a view of the IMF, Worldbank and the US from the eyes of ordinary Jamaicans.

Sometimes I look at people of faith and wish I could just forget what I know about science, human nature and history and just live with hope. I guess if you read enough you start to realize that the only way to live a decent life is by either doing something about the current state of affairs or you teach people in the hope that they'll do something. The more I read about America, recently Rawanda and Jamaica, the more I become disgusted with our excesses, materialism and self serving politics. I'd love to see a President say "screw a second term, I'm going to do what's right"

I'm starting to get the feeling that it's impossible to separate culture from economics, religion from politics. If that's the case and that's the case because of human nature then what's our future? Even if people are educated they still have to make conscious decisions to counteract their short term instincts. That's hard. Cognitive therapy seems to work, you constantly monitor your stream of thoughs and apply rational criticism to them. It's an interesting idea. It works the same way as a turbocharger in a car. The exhaust from the engine spins a compressor to make more power.

I'm going to have to continue this next time because I'm headed to a restaurant on the beach for breakfast. I think I'm not going to take it for granted.


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