Been on a writing frenzy... I had an idea. I have some weird ideas that pop up and are usually just a combination of a few words. Yesterday it was "global patriotism" Today it was "standards and choice" Sounds contradictory but surprisingly the article I found that was returned as a search result was, you guessed it, SUSE. The Linux company that's trying to rid the world of Microsoft. Here's a quote
"Dirk Hohndel, SuSE's chief technology officer, said: "Clear cut standards will be the basis to get even broader support from ISVs, as well as customers for the Linux platform."...
"The combination of well-defined standards and choice of vendors gives an obvious signal against any monopolistic tendencies in the software industry,"

Standards and choice also apply to education. That wasn't an original thought but a result of google. They're developing AI that tries to link concepts. For instance, we have a unique ability to look at analogies and apply the logic to a current problem. Harvard is know for its case studies. Google lets us see those analogies without the knowledge necessary to find them on our own. You can take an idea and boil it down to three words like "standards and choice" and as long as you put quotes around the phrase you can find all sorts of ideas, analogies that can lend insight that it normally would've taken someone a lot smarter to imagine.

I'm using that logic to write an article in which I will appear much more knowledgeable than I really am. I'm duct taping google to my brain in a sort of experiment. I was planning on writing an article for Osnews.com, my favorite web tech news site. Today I saw this news item... http://www.osnews.com/story.php?news_id=168

Coincidence? Probably.


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