I just saw an ad selling a $1,000 entertainment system for the back of cars that included two video screens in the back of the front seat headrests as well as headphones for the kids. My first thought was, overpaid, crappy, career obsessed parents. Then I thought, what if the kids can't hear their parents reminding them to put on their seatbelts because they're watching Britney Spears disrobe on the ABC Family Channel. The driver looks back at his kids to repeat himself and crashes into a Starbucks at which point the kids fly face first into the Liquid Crystal Displays that now act as thier surrogate parents. Neglect is becoming fashionable. I sound like I'm preaching but I was raised by myself and society so by writing this I try to remind myself to avoid my own destiny.

People give me crap when I say that I think democracy has major problems. They say I'm not patriotic. George W, that's Will not Bush has a column at the back of Newsweek. He brings up a quote from Abe Lincoln that makes me wish I was alive to see him preside.
"It is unworthy and ultimately untenable to have the most basic questions settled-and unsettled-by votes. The nation needs a foundation more durable than the sand of opinion that can be easily shifted in each election"
That's one of the best leaders in the history of this country saying that the electorate isn't capable of making up it's mind. I love America because we can vote. Even after the Patriot act, we've got a lot of freedom left here. Voting is great when it comes to local matters. People who care seem to be more involved locally than on a national scale. That means that people who turn out to vote on local matters are probably more informed. That is an amazing thing. People voting for a president because they "hate them durn libruls" or they think it's trendy to hate corporations shouldn't have any say in what direction we're heading. Will's column mentions "Protestantism has an incurable problem of doctrinal instability." That's also true for democracy. The BIG issues need solid solutions that aren't based on religion or emotion or anything that contradicts basic human rights (see capital punishment).


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