I graduated a couple years ago with a degree in business/finance but I was hired to write software and do wireless networking for a living. Sometimes after a long day of coding I'll have dreams where I'm actually a part of a computer, there is no user interface. It's really strange. I wake up confused and have to remind myself that I have arms and legs. It makes me want to stuff a chip in my forehead because it's pretty great to feel so connected. I think I have Attention Defecit Disorder so the ability to store a bunch of information in an array and forget about it but have it instantly accessible is very appealing to me. I'm addicted to information. I get a weird high when I sit down and get ready to stuff my head full of it. I feel like a music addict connected to Kazza with a crappy old dial up connection except the modem is my brain's limited ability to get information in. Bandwidth isn't the end, music is.

Here's some of my array code in case you have ever wondered what type of stuff makes software tick. Can't post much, might get fired.
string[,] strArrayColumns = new string[2000,26];
strArrayColumns[intResultArrayintPageResults,22]= Convert.ToString(drResultArray["Foreign_Languages_Spoken"])