My hobbies are few but I become obsessed with them. One of them is racing cars. Before I could afford to race a real car I bought the most realistic racing simulator available on a computer and spent a large part of my time learning racing theory and techniques. When I graduated I bought the fastest sports car I could afford. Yeah, I get a lot of crap from my friends but I love driving my Miata. I race it in Auto Cross events at Qualcomm. That's a picture of me racing to the left. I've never smoked crack but when you finish a lap of driving flat out you get a very cracklike feeling. I'm not fabulously wealthy just yet so I race on street tires which aren't very sticky but it makes for a lot of fun high speed drifting.

If one day my posts suddenly stop, it's probably because I got a flat tire and wrapped myself around a eucalyptus tree. I've almost died a couple of times and it's sort of true what they say, your mortality grabs you by the balls and tugs. Unfortunately mortality has a great ass and I like getting my balls tugged. My philosophy is that we only live once, no afterlife.

I just had a good visual of what my idea of life is. If you've ever watched a rock sitting in the middle of a creek or river you sometimes see an eddy or mini whirlpool in its wake. That's what I think of human thought or life, it's just a temporary eddy. It's no doubt very complex, fluid dynamics isn't an easy subject to grasp, but in the end it's just water. With that in mind, I'm trying to take myself less seriously, enjoy the ride.


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