I like to think that biology drives us more than we would like to think. I'm powerless to beautiful women. They shut down my brain, not completely though, they leave me enough thought to go nearly insane. I'm getting to the age where I'm supposed to crank out some kids and settle down. Hopefully not in that order. My major reservation about kids is that they're going to suffer as much as I did growing up. I know raising a kid is a huge responsibility I just can't imagine how huge, my lack of imagination worries me.

My theory is that I'm interested in the future because my kids are going to live in it. That completely contradicts bioglogy which shuts down my brain in the presence of beauty. Nature wants me to have kids, my mind wants me to question whether having a kid in the world we live in is a good idea. Maybe the secret to happiness is becoming comfortable with the fact that we're going to have to fight our primitive urges for the rest of our lives if we're to live a decent life.


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