The following quote sums up just about everything I ever wanted to know about physics but never realized...
This may also help to answer the question raised by the Anthropic Principle. Our Universe seems to have known that we were coming. The conditions for life are extremely stringent. Life and consciousness can only exist in a very narrow band of physical parameters. For example, if the proton is not stable, then the Universe will collapse into a useless heap of electrons and neutrinos. If the proton were a little bit different in mass, it would decay, and all our DNA molecules would decay along with it.

In fact, there are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of coincidences, happy coincidences, that make life possible. Life, and especially consciousness, is quite fragile. It depends on stable matter, like protons, that exists for billions of years in a stable environment, sufficient to create autocatalytic molecules that can reproduce themselves, and thereby create Life. In physics, it is extremely hard to create this kind of Universe. You have to play with the parameters, you have to juggle the numbers, cook the books, in order to create a Universe which is consistent with Life.

However, the Multiverse idea explains this problem, because it simply means we coexist with dead Universes. In other Universes, the proton is not stable. In other Universes, the Big Bang took place, and then it collapsed rapidly into a Big Crunch, or these Universes had a Big Bang, and immediately went into a Big Freeze, where temperatures were so low, that Life could never get started.

According to a bunch of Scientists and Business leaders, we'll develop AI (Artificial Intelligence) smarter than ourselves within 30 or so years. That moment is known as the Singularity. Sounds very Matrix but so did "flying machines" only 100 years ago and we didn't even have computers to help with design until a few decades ago. I'm thinking it'll be good for us because all of our processes will become super efficient. Taxes may even drop to the level they are now even after the inevitable nationalized heathcare kicks in. Computers will be able to write software. That's going to be the turning point. Nobody can even begin to know what that'll mean to us. Of course this all sounds crazy but I think the biggest change will be the a sort of massive healing. We can have software therapists helping people break the cycle of family dysfunction.

These super smart electronic minds should be running our country IMO but there are going to be people who think that will be the end of democracy. We don't let animals in the zoo vote to eat whatever they want or nobody would leave. That's why we have a representative democracy, checks and balances. Not too long ago the majority of the population approved of slavery. I say we give them an island and watch them create a utopia. I'll be the first to move there. When we're young, if we're lucky we're raised by intelligent and caring parents. When we get older it doesn't change, we look for the Holy Father or some other kind of enlightenment instead. These wise old CPUs could become the parents a lot of us never had.

Insight of the day... I just bought a bunch of Budget Gourmet frozen meals.. I ate 3 of em then I realized it would have been cheaper to just buy an overpriced and less bland Quizno's sub sandwich. Budget my ass.


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