I read that anxiety is at record levels in America. Why? Because we have collectively given up on religion so we're left to figure out our own moral codes by ourselves. We work too much and don't get enough sleep. I know why rich people fear globalization. Homogenous populations distribute weath more evenly. Our standard of living here in America is higher than just about everybody else. That's probably going to change as boards of directors realize that Americans have been ridiculously over paid for decades. Even high tech jobs are being outsourced to India by the hundreds of thousands. The added cost involved in sustaining our healthcare system due to it's non nationalized status is huge. It's just making health insurance providers rich. They're probably investing their money overseas. Developing nations are going to kick ass but the standard of living will jump for the entire planet even though we'll see a dip in America initially as we leak power. I know it'll take decades to happen but I hope I'm alive to see it.


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