Changed my blog name. It's a better fit than Zero Comments because people actually comment every once in a while. According to my google search it's also unused as a blog or book title. If by some miracle of capitalism I was someday able to earn a living writing books I'd want to have some memorable characters. I think I've got one I really like, he doesn't have a name yet but here's his m.o. from an earlier post.

"A biologist, studying the habits of small, furry, monogamous woodland mammals understands the cold, inevitable truth that prairie vole love is a byproduct of evolution meant to increase the fitness and therefore survival of the couple's offspring. Unfortunately he's unable to relate this truth to his own life... The main character will have his heart predictably broken before realizing the parallels with the creature he has devoted his life to. He adopts the voles and they live in his home, a perrenial reminder of his failure as a mammal"

The second character I could adapt from another post about my ideal living situation when I'm an old man..
"It's morning and I'm somewhere about a mile off shore in an old sail boat. I don't have on quite enough clothes to keep me warm but my PH Balanced beard and overheating laptop keep me at a perfect temperature. I've created a harness and pulley system for my requisite golden lab. He scampers down the hull of the boat, perfectly counterbalanced, cleaning off the barnicles thanks to the peanut butter I applied at the dock. It's a beautiful symbiotic relationship much like the bird that cleans the alligator's teeth. And so I sit, inspired by the sounds of the seagulls and hungry dog, writing about software and caffeine, not knowing how to steer the boat but content in the knowledge that our coast guard will again prove their heroism."

The third character is based on an idea I had last night. I live in sunny San Diego and there is a tanning salon frequented during the summer months for reasons unbeknownst. The character owns a salon and offsets his energy bills by installing an array of solar panels on his roof. He inevitably succumbs to greed and installs a couple of skylights because of the inefficiency of the solar panels. Everything is going well until the solar panel repair guy starts checking out the patrons through the skylights. Scandal ensues.

Another character works as a coal miner in the future. After fusion is realized as a power source we figure out a way to remove the billions of tons of carbon from our atmosphere, forever plugging the ozone hole. Unfortunately the carbon has to go somewhere so we reopen thousands of abandoned coal mines, returning the soot to its rightful home. He realizes the potential of the raw materials at his fingertips and develops a way to create diamond from the raw carbon, resulting in a cartel that rivals DeBeers.

Hmm, I have a newfound respect for people that write books. It's not easy coming up with ideas.


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Well, this is interesting. I did a blog search for coffee caffeine content and found your site. When I get some time I'll come back and find out where coffee caffeine content appears and how it relates - if it even does. Take care - nice work.

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