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After a bit of a writing break my head is full of ideas again. I'm going to try to figure out what the word culture means in the next couple of months.

Culture isn't one thing, what is globalization going to do to culture. Will there only be subculture?

Culture as Religion

Free vs. Permission Culture

Noam Chomsky - challenge - vs ass kissing

banned music.org RCA Squashed FM. ignorant artists?

underground piracy as the crackdown commences

Video Phone and tax complexity - government PR?

Corporations control media - media re-inforces permission ownership?

Mind / Body - Budhism , Monkey brain

Consciousness means we have the ability to question ourselves (closed loop)

Use of weird words for music review because the song can't be posted (archive live recordings)

Radical shift away from tradition of free culture



Wired BitTorrent article

Link to Free Culture Torrent

Creating a virtual world looking at shadows in rl - weird perspective

Extended copyrights

Ubuntu - Simple, synchronized with KDE major releases.

Software and religion - Are technology and religion mutually exclusive?

Cultural Singularity caused by introspection limited by time

Lawrence Lessig background and link to book


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