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I just finished watching Super Size Me, the documentary about a would-be fat guy. Aside from the facts presented in the movie the thing that really disturbed me was the fact that I began to like our pudgy protaganist. Here's a likeable guy nearly eating himself to death against the advice of his doctors just to make a point. He clearly takes some cues from Moore with the cartoon outtakes but it's a pretty original effort. I started paying attention to nutrition a while ago for some reason. I think it was after I tried to go on a no sugar diet for a week on a dare and nearly collapsed in the shower on the third day. Supposedly god created sugar cane (and all plants for that matter) on the third day. Coincidence? See you in hell.

So we force kids to sit inside overcrowded classrooms taught by underpaid teachers. They can't vote, can't drink or smoke(legally) and perhaps the ultimate indignity, they can't rent cars. So why can't we mandate that they don't kill themselves with food? I remember eating Pizza Hut for lunch back in grade school. I'm sure the school had some reason to allow a corporate presence in a learning institution. I think I know the sinister motive... Subsidized pizza parties. Teachers get deals on pizza to reward the kids with because they allow said eateries on campus. Diabolical.


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