Human Tetherball

UPDATE: I have an early version of my cone finished. I made a nice demonic smiley face. I didn't intend it that way but the headlights make it look a little creepy.

I've been posting a lot about politics which I guess I look at as the natural byproduct of ugly side of human nature. Human nature is what I guess I'm really interested in. I was thinking about perspective and how I look at the world. I think I live too much inside my own sheltered, comfortable world. As I get older I'm realizing that by not looking at the truth I'm missing out on a lot of the good stuff too. The truth I'm trying to look at is the relationships I have with friends and family. It sucks that it has taken me 26 years to figure that out.

I broke down and finally bought some clothes. It's nice to go to work without fashion guilt. Water heater is broken again, not looking forward to my early date with a cold shower. I'm in a good mood, New York coming up in a couple weeks, progress on the simulator. It's kind of fun watching the development unfold. The older guys impart their wisdom our young promising coder. We've got a graphics guy that hangs out regularly a guy from Germany that has a ton experience that keeps an eye on the project. We've got a guy from a FormulaSAE team that helps out with the car physics, and a few of us general purpose idea people. It's nice to see the equivalent of the wise tribal elders stopping by with words of wisdom every once in a while. Everybody has this kind of quiet positive attitude about the project that I don't think I've ever witnessed before. If I ever start a business that is what I want the atmosphere to be like.


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