Nueva York

UPDATE: We went to a swanky bar last night. I think I drank more vodka than I've ever had before. Met another girl, she's from the Netherlands, smarter than just about any girl I can remember meeting. Also hung out with the girl that lives upstairs. Had another near death experience using the fire escape to return to my brother's house from hers this morning. I slipped and just barely managed to grab on to the rail which saved my ass but I've got lots of fancy bruises anyway. I think I shaved 6 months off of my life but it was worth it. To answer the question about women out here in the comments... they are way more agressive. The girl upstairs gave me a look at the bar like "your ass is mine" I don't see that a lot out in San Diego.

We were at a bar Friday and all of the TVs had the debate on. I got into a discussion with a guy from some small island country and a older Republican lady. It was a heated debate but I held my own. I thought she hated me but she grabbed me as she was leaving and gave me a sloppy kiss. Man I'd have lots of good stories if I lived here.
We saw the girl from the Sopranos, Jamie-Lynn DiScala at a Sara Fina, a funky little restaurant near central park. She looked me right in the eyes for a second, I should have winked or something, maybe given here the call me hand jesture.

Just arrived at my brother's house in Manhattan. It's pretty nice but $1500 a month for one room seems a little steep. I drank some Sky Vodka on the plane with the lady next to me. It was a fun flight but I haven't slept since Thursday morning. I'm headed to Central Park in a few minutes to roll around on the well manicured acres of grass and maybe curl up on a park bench to catch some shut-eye. I'll get some photos up when I return.


Blogger Lmnope said...

You are very good at finding pictures to post.

12:16 PM  
Blogger Anonymous Person said...

My blistered feet ache like the hearts of idealists in a twisted reality. Seriously though, I've been a boozin' in a Manhattan. Met a nice young lady, we're going to dinner tomorrow with my brother. I'm listenting to music on the sub woofered Mac here. I-tunes is pretty damn cool software. I think I'd like it here. If anybody wants to donate $942,172 for the down payment on a house let me know.

4:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you noticed a differnce between the ladies in NYC and San Diego? Have you noticed they are move aggresive and confident. Eye contact with strangers occurs a lot more on the street and in bars.


3:12 PM  
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