"Nations, as we know them today, will erode because they are neither big enough to be global nor small enough to be local."
Nicholas Negroponte

Makes sense to me. We have a nation of states. If he's right then states are small enough to be local. That's BS in the case of California. California is bigger than most countries, so it's going to have to go. The above quote all depends on the definition of locality. I used to race cars on my computer on the Internet and we had a community, locals in our own weird world but geographically separate. My grandkids might one day say, "I live in Democratia" Their neighbor might live in Greenparty Land.

Maybe there could be a new bill of rights which takes human rights and education into account. Kids would have to spend a year helping out in thier communities if they were to graduate. We are living in the dark ages, even with full color camera phones. Technology changes so fast yet we assume it's a direct reflection of our social progress. Unfortunately ethics, humanity, evolution don't follow Moore's Law

If we do become one united global country I propose it should be named pangea. It's just kind of catchy.


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