Two pictures are worth 2000 words

Kerry is lashing out at offshore outsourcing. He's a smart guy so he's probably aware that "The cause of such downsizing, says Carson and other economists, is less outsourcing than a dramatic rise in productivity. Although factory employment worldwide fell by 11 percent, according to CarsonÂ’s study, industrial output rose by 30 percent. In the United States, where industry is still cutting jobs in the wake of the roaring 1990s, productivity since 2000 has increased annually by 3.7 percent, as employers do more with less."

So Kerry is blatantly pandering to ignorant voters in a bid to get elected. Ahh the joys of democracy.

Why do people like to choose a side when the most rational answer to most problems tends to lie between the extremes? The two party system isn't a requirement of our Constitution, it's a side effect of the chunky stew of Human Nature and Democracy.

An educated population is a requirement for a nation that wants to remain competitive in a global economy. The hoards of retiring baby boomers would rather have free heath care than educate kids that won't reach the workforce until long after they're gone. We need a judicial branch that's elected by a non-partisan committee.

"No new taxes" was the best thing that ever happened to politics IMO. I'm not talking about low taxes I'm talking about what Bush 1 had to say to get elected. He didn't get re-elected. I think that's a sign of strong leadership in this day and age. How can this system be so messed up?


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