The FCC is launching an investigation into a breast. Yes people should be able to shield their children from things they don't like. What if the parents think that sunshine is a bad influence? If their religion says so then it's protected. Sucks for the kid of course. Well I'm not saying Janet's boob is the equivalent of sunlight. The point is that our government has no problem allowing gratuitous violence during daytime hours but a breast! Oh my, that's just crazy!!! We need to spend millions on an investigation! Heads will roll! I've been thinking of moving out of this country.

I want to live somewhere where faith doesn't affect government but is still around. Where Telletubbies can live without fear of persecution. My god it's frustrating. I've never ever wanted to vote for someone more than I now want to vote for Kerry. I think the world is a better place without Saddam. I think Bush's hamfisted method of removal has left America in a very weak place just as the global economy is taking off. Talk about bad timing. When Bush was first elected, I thought "well, at least he's going to make an ass of himself and we'll see a democrat back in '04" I had no idea just how bad it was going to be.


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