I used to blindly believe that nationalized healthcare was a good idea. I've recently realized that it's simply not going to work with our aging population. Unemployment in Europe is 10% because of the high taxes needed to support welfare and health care.

Health care quality is going down because people want to pay the same amount for healthcare that they did when they were younger and healthy. Healthcare spending is going up because we're living to 90 instead of 75. That's 15 more years of life that usually involve retirement that somehow need to be supported. What I really like is that our leaders are being held accountable now that our budged deficit is so massive. I used to think I was a liberal because I hate things like censorship, ten commandments in courthouses, politicians that bend to the will of the short sighted population. How incredible is it that the leaders that promise increased health benefits for the elderly cut education to pay for it when it's the kids that will be paying for it in the long run. Why is it that conservatives who want small government are in favour of the FCC launching invesitigations into a breast which is of course paid for by taxpayers. I don't understand the connection between religious zealotry and fiscal prudence. What on earth does god have to do with fiscal prudence? What do small budgets have to do with massive DEA spending to crack down on pot smokers? Why do poor people vote for conservatives who tend to favor tax breaks for the rich?

Progressive Taxation - It makes sense to some degree because the rich are more able to pay. They aren't going to starve if their taxes increase a little. Just how progressive is what defines a society. Let's say someone in America makes $30,000,000 a year as the CEO of a big corporation and they earn every penny of it. We decide that we want Nationalized health care. After tax, the CEO suddenly makes $10,000,000 less a year. The CEO moves to another country with lower taxes. The corporation misses the talent and follows. The new home taxes less than us but something is better than nothing. Europe is facing this problem right now. Globalism is punching Europe in the gut. Germany is one of the first to take positive steps even though the majority of the population there is opposed to change. We wouldn't need stong leadership if we had informed populations that voted. As it stands now we need leadership but we don't get it because our leaders have to worry about getting re-elected and that's expensive so they charge for "access". The saying "the market always wins" also applies when laws can bought by the highest bidder.

Next time, prohibition.


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