Time is money...

... and my watch is homeless. I've got a ton of ideas for things I want to write about, must.. find.. time... The sunset is from another San Diego blogger. Check out her site here. It doesn't suck to live here I suppose.

Thinking of trying to create a little Internet radio broadcast with all of this new technology that's coming out. It's changing so fast that I could literally sit here 24 hours a day and not run out of interesting things to read about. Currently listening to a guy with an Internet radio show in Cardiff, my home town. He's one of a handful of SD podcasters. That won't be the case for long.

A really interesting poor man's Ipod is available for $25. The unique thing here is that he actually installs an application and sets it up to autorun - like a CD does - when you plug it in. There is a great writeup on it here. Or if you'd prefer, listen to it here. You can listen because he's podcasting, I'm chipping away at an article on Podcasting. Stay tuned.

The fish was emailed to me by a friend. Apparently it was washed ashore during the tsunami. Unique looking beast.