States Writes

So somehow I made in on to States Writes: the Progressives' Peer Directory from the American Street. I'm listed along with 50 other bloggers from California including the Daily Cos and Dan Gillmor's site. That's all well and good (and flattering) but I don't consider myself any more left than right. The inner turmoil is unbearable, I can't stand Limbaugh but I think high taxes harm the lower class. Luckily I get to focus on technology for the next couple of weeks.

I have so much going on right now, most of it good but my brain is pulling a French labor union, it wants a 35 hour work week. I was in an nameless, faceless office building today (not my employer's thank god) the size of a football field. I'm just tall enough to see over the cubicles and I was half expecting to bump into Dilbert or Lumbergh, didn't spot any red swinglines. A guy was sitting in his cube, moderately pudgy, leaning back far enough that he could operate his mouse but not his keyboard. He looked like the guy in Alien who was still alive but condemned to an agonizing death by a parasitic creature. Maybe he had the pinkslip virus.


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